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June 13, 2023
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building of ://about blank Berlin
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Berlin, Germany

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k




Live music, Casual, International


Emerging from the underbelly of Berlin’s nightlife, ://about blank is a core part of the city’s partying culture.

In 2010, this one-time illegal venue transformed a dilapidated building into the ultimate techno temple. Sitting in a standalone two-story venue, the Berlin club found its forever home in the alternative Friedrichshain.

Renowned for its high concentration of electronic clubs like Berghain, the district has an all-inclusive approach to entertainment with casual eateries, live music venues, and must-see landmarks.

Stepping into ://about blank is akin to entering an alternate universe, one where the gritty ethos of Berlin meets a passionate celebration of electronic music. You are greeted with two dance floors, each pulsating with different strains of house, techno, and the occasional bass or disco night.

When summer settles in, most of the clubbing destination’s parties are moved to the outdoor terrace. Leafy and idyllic, the garden is a sanctuary for those who prefer their techno beats under the open sky.

In its short existence, ://about blank has harnessed the essence of Berlin’s raw appeal. Imagine dancing in a stripped-down building, where the decor is a stunning contrast of rugged aesthetics and ubiquitous graffiti.

But its generous space – which can hold up to 1,100 revelers – is far from being the club’s only trump card. Offering a versatile mix of techno and house, the Berlin nightlife venue is where you can rave the night away while switching between music styles.

As for the patrons, the party hub cultivates a mosaic of personalities and backgrounds. The club teems with techno-obsessed locals, curious explorers, and seasoned clubbers.

Bearing the name that echoes an uncompleted URL, ://about blank fills in the void with unending parties and an immersive cultural experience.


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