Akanthus Summer Club Athens

June 16, 2022
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party at Akanthus Summer Club Athens
© @Akanthus / Facebook

Athens, Greece

Club / Outdoor / S – 500-2


R&B, Electronic


Live music


Akanthus Summer Club is the perfect spot to spend your hot summer days in the company of enjoyable music.

This Athens beach club was established in 2007 and is in southern Athens’ Alimos seaside area. During the day, visitors can relax on sunbeds at the beach. Once the night falls, get ready to be dazzled by attractive neon lights while drinking cocktails, smoking hookah, and dancing. 

Akanthus Summer Club predominantly plays pop and electronic music. The atmosphere created through its design and music has attracted a wide range of demographics.

When summertime comes, Akanthus will consistently provide you with good service and a fun experience.

Akanthus Stage – Διονύσης Σχοινάς Live | © Momentum Group Greece / YouTube


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