Alibi Club Bologna

May 11, 2023
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party at Alibi Club Bologna
© @alibiclubbo / Instagram

Bologna, Italy

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Hip-Hop, Electronic, Raggae


Students, Local, Underground


Born to defy nightlife norms, Alibi Club is an alternative party hub from A to Z.

The clubbing destination is nestled north to Bologna’s center, in the buzzing San Donato. As the city’s artsy arm, the district is home to large exhibition spaces, relaxed bars targeted at students, and street-food outlets serving international dishes.

Low-key and unapologetically underground, Alibi Club sits in a two-story brick building. The nightlife venue stays loyal to its industrial appeal with the interior by showcasing low ceilings, steel structures, and metal fences.

Spanning an intimate dance floor, Alibi Club has a simple layout. While the main focus is on the dancing space, the DJ performs on an elevated black stage.

Each side of the club is dotted with modular couches and tables, giving clubbers a space to rest and recover. As one might guess by its clandestine feel, the Bologna nightclub is dimly lit, but lines of LED lights run above the dance floor.

One thing is for sure – the music at Alibi Club is experimental and genre-blending. By bringing the best of afro, hip-hop, and reggaeton, the music temple attracts a youthful crowd of locals who want to party the night away.

For an insider’s peek inside Bologna’s nightlife scene, look no further than Alibi Club – the ultimate destination to experience the city’s party culture.

© @alibiclubbo / Instagram


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