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January 11, 2023
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BASE Dubai is revolutionizing the city’s nightlife experience.

Since its inception in 2017, BASE has become the go-to destination for extraordinary nights and exhilarating partying experiences in Dubai.

Get ready to rub shoulders with the stars at BASE, a club that is known for hosting some of the best international live acts, DJs and performers.

Whether it’s hip-hop or pop music you prefer, there will be something here for everyone as both local and global talent grace the stages of this popular venue.

With its grand open air space, five-star service, top-tier artists and sophisticated sound system, the venue has become a coveted destination in Dubai.

Here is everything you need to know about Base Dubai.

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Despite being a rookie, BASE Dubai quickly gained momentum

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Although BASE Dubai acts like a pro when it comes to delivering clubbing sessions, it first opened its doors five years ago. 

It is natural that one would consider this bad boy a rookie in the nightlife scene – but the club swiftly joined the ever-growing league of Dubai lusted-after clubbing destinations. 

In an interview with Hotelier Middle East, club founder Evgeny Kuzin said that BASE Dubai is not an average club.

Thanks to what he called “a combination of world-class entertainment and a massive scale of production,” made BASE the ultimate destination for Dubai clubbers.

BASE Dubai brings world-class talent on its stage

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BASE’s mantra seems to be ‘go big or go home’. Since its inception, the Dubai club has pulled some of the most jaw-dropping acts to its stage.

Hip-hop beats, pop rhythms and DJ acts are one of the biggest claims to fame for BASE.

We are not talking small – Akon, Jason Derulo, Diplo, Fetty Wap, and Jennifer Lopez are just some of the names that graced the venue with their presence. 

The club’s popularity grew on an international scale

While being one of the Middle East’s most lusted-after nightclubs is enough of an achievement, BASE has gone beyond those borders. 

The clubbing destination carried out small events at the Monaco and Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, as well as the Moscow FIFA World Cup. In the aftermath of these events, the venue received international recognition and established an elite clientele. 

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BASE Dubai opened a pop-up in Mykonos for the summer

Back in 2019’s summeresque season, BASE opened a pop-up venue in Greece’s party island Mykonos.

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The club made its appearance on the Ftelia Beach and pumped up eclectic clubbing sessions for six weeks. Rotations of deep-house, EDM and other genres were played at the pop-up on Monday evenings.

Live performers at BASE always push the limits

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At this Dubai club, everything is about ambiance.

Beyond the A-list celebs that perform on its stages, BASE usually boasts incredible performances. 

Everything from aerial acrobatics to fire performances found shelter within BASE’s walls.

Those jaw-dropping acts mesh seamlessly with the ineffable music repertoire to create an immersive experience that’s hard to match.

BASE is all about creating a world-class experience

Forget about traditional nightclubs. At BASE Dubai, everything is soaked in grandeur, glitzm and glam. With its generous space, the club adapted to a 360 approach by creating the ideal spot for large events. But that doesn’t mean BASE doesn’t care about minutious details – on the contrary. 

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Its international ethos oozes opulence, consistency for details and top-notch services.

This translates into a hypnotic lighting system and a state-of-the-art sound system that team up to give clubbers a partying session they won’t be able to forget soon. 

You got our point – BASE is a pro at delivering Ibiza-like clubbing sessions.

Did someone say mini-festival vibes

The vast open-air venue isn’t only a beautiful place to be, but a massive space that can hold up to 2,000 guests at a time. 

This jaw-dropping capacity is split between the mezzanine level – which brims with VIP tables and booths – and the dancefloor. FIY, the latter alone can accommodate up to 1,000 clubbers. 

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When in Dubai and thirsty for the ‘it’ clubbing experiences, BASE is the place to be. Captivating beats echo throughout the open-air venue as live performances take place everywhere you turn your head – that’s the utopian image that BASE Dubai transforms into reality. 


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