All About Club Space Miami

Everything you need to know about Miami’s distinguished dance club
January 11, 2023
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Miami, United States

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Pop, R&B, Electronic


Live music


Boasting world-class entertainment, Club Space Miami is the place to be for an unforgettable night out.

Since its creation in 2000, the Miami nightclub has solidified itself as a vital part of Downtown Miami’s cultural landscape.

Renowned as a haven for dancing, the venue offers an eclectic selection of sounds to enthrall its guests. Its many rooms feature distinct genres from across the musical spectrum, such as pop, alternative, electronic, and beyond.

FKJ, SZA, Monolink and a plethora of others have all graced the stage of Club Space while drawing in upper-class crowds from every age group.

Space Club is the ultimate nightlife experience, offering an array of entertaining rooms and renowned DJs that keep the dance party going until daybreak. Touted as one of the best nightclubs in town, Space invites clubbers to marvel at a spectacular sunrise through its retractable roof.

Here is everything you need to know about Space Miami.

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Club Space’s first venue was a one-story warehouse

Under the administration of nightlife entrepreneur Louis Puig – who had a soft spot for Berlin-like 24-hour parties – Club Space was one of Miami’s first clubbing destinations to keep the dance floor pumping from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon. 

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Back in Club Space’s early days, its electronic clubbing sessions were unleashed within the walls of a one-story warehouse.

Many consider that Puig’s initiative to launch the club – and drive it to a roaring success – swayed the public to indulge in the Saturday-night-becomes-Sunday-morning nightlife concept.

Successful Miami nightlife pioneers Justin Levine and Roman Jones bought the club to keep it afloat

Unfortunately for Puig, his dynamic leadership wouldn’t carry the club the whole way. By 2013, the club transcended the reputation of a non-stop partying destination – but not in the good sense of it.

An infamous door policy and rather moody bouncers were the main ingredients to Club Space’s disaster recipe. 

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Thanks to the takeover of nightlife pioneers Justin Levine and Roman Jones, Club Space was far from pulling the plug. The duo replaced most of the staff, refurbed the venue and made whatever renovations to keep the nightlife venue afloat. 

Club Space is now nestled in a massive venue

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In the revamping’s aftermath, Club Space morphed into an eclectic clubbing destination with four rooms spanning over two floors. 

The first floor, also dubbed ‘The Ground’, is home to live acts and performances. Next to it sits The Floyd, the place to be if you’d label yourself as an EDM aficionado.

The top floor houses Loft, an indoor space where hip-hop beats reign. The Terrace, Club Space’s outdoor rooftop area, brings in some roaring names from the techno DJing realm.

Space Miami is no stranger to the DJ industry’s roaring names

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For a clubbing destination that swiftly became synonymous with Miami’s finest electronic beats, it comes as no surprise that Club Space is all about bringing some jaw-dropping performances to its DJ booths.

House producer DJ Boring and electronic R&B artist James Blake are only a few major-league names that graced Club Space’s audio decks with their masterful performances. 

Club Space is more than a nightclub – it’s an award-winner

2019 was a milestone year for the Miami nightlife OG. Space won two awards and was nominated for several others. The clubbing destination won the Best Club of Miami 2019 title, as well as the Best Club award at the IDMA (International Dance Music Awards). 

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The party doesn’t stop at Club Space Miami

Mimicking Berlin’s insatiable appetite for endless clubbing sessions, Club Space is a pioneer for Miami’s non-stop partying scene.

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Most clubs in the US drop the last tune before 3 AM – but Club Space is no fan of following the herd. The Miami clubbing destination is one of the few places with a 24-hour license – and you can bet Club Space fully capitalizes on this precious feature. 

When you party at Club Space, daybreak won’t halt your clubbing experience. In fact, the Miami spot removes the terrace’s retractable roof, allowing clubbers to soak some vitamin D while swaying their hips to the EDM beats.

The venue recently launched a new 6,000-capacity open-air venue named Space Park

New year, new me – this seems to have been Club Space’s mantra for 2021. Over the turn of the new year, Miami’s Space Club launched a 6,000-capacity open-air venue. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Space Park’s first event had to be socially distanced, running at 25% capacity with 1,500 attendees.

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The space’s purpose extends beyond a mere location for event hosting – it also showcased the ‘it’ location for local businesses, turning into a micro-concept community centre.

Club Space is a trailblazer for Miami’s clubbing scene

Along with clubs like E11EVEN and Heart, Club Space is a pioneer in shaping Miami’s club scene. Not only that it was one of the first locations that enjoyed a 24-hour license, but it also quickly morphed into the blueprint for what every electronic mecca should be. 

When it first launched, Club Space had one mission: to create a utopian electronic experience for every clubber that walks through its doors. Fast forward to two decades, we can only say one thing – it did more than fulfil its duty. 

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