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January 05, 2023
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Bristol, United Kingdom

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Motion Bristol is a renowned warehouse nightclub that encapsulates the city’s culture.

Motion Bristol has been a landmark of Bristol’s nightlife since 2006, boasting superior lighting and sound systems to create a dynamic atmosphere that guarantees an unforgettable experience for each guest. With its remarkable design and state-of-the-art technology, this premier nightclub is the ‘it’ party destination.

Famed for its electronic sounds, Bristol Motion is the best spot in the city when you are searching for bullet-hard beats. A young crowd of locals usually flocks to the club’s dance floor, but that doesn’t mean international faces aren’t part of the picture.

Experience a night of pure ecstasy at Motion Bristol – home to some of the finest DJs, sounds and an atmosphere that you want to live in forever.

Here is everything you need to know about Motion Bristol.

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Motion started its journey as a skate park

Back in the day, Motion wasn’t the techno mecca we know today. The venue that now shelters the club’s bumpy beats was a skatepark called Sk8 & Ride. 

It all started when co-owner Tom Kilford started hosting nightly raves with only a few hundred people. In an interview with MixMag, Kilford said that after making a £20,000 loan for the skatepark, he had to lease on the cafe and terrace area when the bank manager asked the money back.

The ramps were a hotbed for music aficionados and an industrial allure reigned on the dancefloor. By 2015, the skate park had transformed into a full-fledged nightclub.

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Motion invites the crème de la crème to take over its audio decks

Since it first opened its doors, Motion Bristol has been on a mission to deliver the best beats in the city. Maybe this is why the club’s lineups are brimming with roaring names from the DJing industry.

One of the major league DJs that rocked Motion’s audio decks during the Seasons event is Disclosure.

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But Motion doesn’t stop at one big name – Andy C, Tale of Us, Bicep, and The Chemical Brothers have also showcased their mixing skills at its decks. 

Motion Bristol has no genre speciality

Although the clubbing sessions at Motion Bristol were all about the electric punk and metal sounds, the nightclub’s anthem evolved over the years. Fast forward to today, everything from disco and house to techno and grime found shelter within Motion Bristol’s walls.

But every now and then, the club hosts nights that play the heavier end of the bass spectrum, paying homage to the club’s origins. 

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Motion’s outdoor space features year-round outdoor parties

Container Yard is one of Motion Bristol’s recent additions. 

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Featuring an open-air space and three outdoor stages, Container Yard is Bristol’s biggest party starter when temperatures start increasing. 

Everything from the best disco to top-notch house beats is thrown into Container Yard’s mix – yes, the best resident DJs that Motion has to offer are part of the package.

Motion hosted Bristol’s largest outdoor event

Back in 2017, Motion Bristol hosted one of the city’s most ambitious outdoor events.

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YARD was a collaboration between some of Bristol’s clubbing institutions, where art, culture, and music came together in a creative open-air space. 

Ever since, YARD has morphed into one of Motion’s yearly traditions, bringing a masterfully-curated selection of artists, sounds and music genres to Bristol’s summer vibe.

You don’t need to dress up to get into Motion Bristol

Rather than enforcing a luxurious dress code like some high-end clubs, Motion stays loyal to its underground and alternative origins.

Edgy, unique, and quirky outfits are welcome in Motion, with nothing being off-limits. If you feel and look cool, you are on the right path. 

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Motion is considered one of UK’s best clubs

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Motion’s undeniable charm and commitment to eclectic sounds didn’t go unnoticed. For several years, Motion has gained a prominent position in the world’s 100 greatest clubs. 

In 2016, the club was among the only two UK clubs to make it onto the list, along with Fabric

Since then, it has only moved up in ranks. If levelling up doesn’t mean being one of the clubbing meccas pushing Bristol’s club scene forward, we don’t know what else would.

Motion is constantly changing and adapting

If the early beginnings as a skatepark don’t encapsulate the venue’s eccentric and creative vibe, maybe its ever-evolving atmosphere will convince you. 

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Labeled as a transformative space, there’s always something new going on at Motion. As a clubbing destination committed to constantly reinventing itself, Motion always has something fresh in-store – be it the cloakroom’s redesign or the ever-changing lighting rig. 

The Bristol clubbing mecca features an impressive capacity

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The Victorian warehouse fostering Motion’s eclectic beats has a jaw-dropping capacity of 1,650 clubbers.

But if the Bristol club makes use of all its layout, it can accommodate up to 4,000 party seekers – mini-festival vibes, anyone?

The Marble Factory room also joined Motion Bristol’s group chat

As if Motion’s warehouse wasn’t generous enough with its expansive space, the club added another room to the group chat. Marble Factory – an area that not long ago was scattered with skate ramps – was revamped to create an intimate space for clubbers. 

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Featuring a jaw-dropping mezzanine wrapping around the stage, Marble Factory was baptized by none other than The Chemical Brothers. 

From its humble beginnings to gaining a celebrated reputation as a unique underground nightclub, Motion Bristol is home to all kinds of genres with a focus on stellar electronic sounds. 


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