Apophis Club Milan

June 15, 2022
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party at Apophis Club Milan
© @apophisclub / Instagram

Milan, Italy

Club / Indoor / XXS – 0-200


Electronic, Hip-Hop


Upscale, Member


Apophis Club offers a taste of Hollywood glamor in Milan. 

Launched during Fashion Week 2017 near the commercial Verziere, central Milan, Apophis Club brings luxury and class to fashionable Milan. Apophis Club has a modern interior, illuminated with LED light ceilings. Velvet lounges surrounding an intimate dance floor and a sleek marble bar give Apophis Club a sultry atmosphere.

The Milan nightclub’s main sound is techno. Experimental DJs take center stage at Apophis Club, showcasing their creative twists on popular electronic sounds. The club’s crowd is restricted to members and their acquaintances.

With a program of DJs that changes every week and menu of exquisite cocktails, it’s no wonder Apophis Club is a top choice for Milan’s rich and famous.

Emanuele Vesci @ Apophis Club – Milan | © Emanuele Vesci / YouTube


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