Auditorio Club Porto

July 07, 2023
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party at Auditorio Club Porto
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Porto, Portugal

Bar / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200




International, Local, Casual


Blending the laid-back appeal of a bar and the high-energy environment of a club, Auditorio delivers fuss-free clubbing sessions in Porto.

Since its 2012 launch, the nightlife venue has been nestled south of the city’s central area. Also known as Miragaia, the area sheltering the Porto club is renowned for its cobblestoned streets, quaint townhouses, and intimate eateries serving classic Portuguese fare.

For those who want to party the night away at Auditorio, you can find the club in a white, tall, multi-story building showcasing local architecture.

Auditorio Club took over a former auditorium – hence the name – and converted it into a clubby space with booming sound systems and neon lights. While a lit-up bar keeps party animals hydrated, a moderately-sized dance floor keeps them on their feet all night long.

The Porto club might not be loyal to any music genre, but most of its playlists fall under the electronic category. Auditorio also hosts Latin and African parties depending on the day of the week.

A quick crowd scan would reveal a bunch of dance-loving locals from all age ranges and backgrounds.

Auditorio Club is where you go to relish in a casual-yet-exhilarating nightlife session.

© @auditorioclub / Facebook


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