Bâoli Cannes

June 17, 2022
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party at Bâoli Cannes
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Cannes, France

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2K


Electronic, Pop, Reggae


Rooftop, VIP, Upscale


Bâoli is a club that provides the best 360° view of the city. 

Bâoli was established in 2000 in the seaside area of Pointe Croisette, eastern Cannes. You can find this club by spotting a rock-layered wall decorated with plants and the club’s sign on it.

A terrace venue, Bâoli provides guests with both indoor and outdoor parties. The outdoor section is under the palm trees and has a natural vibe; indoors, you can experience an intimate space decorated with futuristic neon lights.

When it comes to music, renowned DJs such as Bob Sinclair feature a mix of modern hits to a crowd of young elite party-goers. Thanks to its rooftop clubbing experience, Bâoli is very popular with locals and tourists passing through the city.

Its beautiful scenery, good atmosphere, and music make Bâoli one of the most sophisticated clubs in the city.

Bâoli Cannes Presentation – Welcome to our world | © Bâoli Cannes / YouTube


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