Bar 101 Auckland

February 17, 2023
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party at Bar 101 Auckland
© @Bar101AKL / Facebook

Auckland, New Zealand

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop


Local, Students


As one of Auckland’s most popular spots for student nights, Bar 101 is what every lively club should be.

The Auckland club is located in the city’s heart, in Central Business District. Known for its commercial spaces and offices, the central area is Auckland’s downtown, thanks to its array of entertainment options.

Spanning two floors, Bar 101 shares the building with a pizza place. As soon as you step inside the club, your eyes will be instantly glued to the urban interior.

Exposed brick walls, steel structures, and metal windows create an industrial aesthetic that is quickly cooled down by the vibrant lights.

As the students’ go-to spot for an ineffable party experience, the Auckland nightlife spot puts music diversity as a top priority. Loyal to no music genre, Bar 101 plays everything from club anthems to commercial hip-hop and EDM beats.

With its cheap drinks, generous dance floor and party vibes, Bar 101 always fulfills clubbers’ expectations.

© @Bar101AKL / Facebook


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