Barberbirborbur Club Valencia

May 12, 2023
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party at Barberbirborbur Club Valencia
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Valencia, Spain

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Pop, Rock, Electronic


Local, Casual


Although it creates the ‘how do you spell that’ reaction, Barberbirborbur Club is where you enjoy a fuss-free night out in Valencia.

Opened in 2014, the club resides in the hip and trendy district of Russafa, central Valencia. Filled with cozy coffee shops and American-style bakeries, the neighborhood’s streets serve as a meeting point for those interested in art galleries, organic food and indie boutiques.

While Barberbirborbur might not be a superclub, it makes up for its intimate size with interesting decor. Sleek and sophisticated, the Valencia club sports a black look with square bar stools and seats.

When needing a boozy elixir, head to the long bar, which takes up most of one side of the club. Featuring a dimly-lit atmosphere, Barberbirborbur Club Valencia channels its light on what’s important – the DJ and the dance floor.

As you move to the music rhythm, a dazzling display of colorful lights creates a magical ambiance, with patterns and shapes that also seem to dance.

We all know what makes a club great – the music. Feautring a genre-blending playlist that mixes pop, rock, disco, and everything in between, Barberbirborbur attracts a local clientele with an insatiable appetite for music.

Follow the way of the locals and party at Barberbirborbur Club to experience nightlife the Valencia way.


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