BASIS Utrecht

November 29, 2022
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party at BASIS Utrecht
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Utrecht, Netherlands

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k




Casual, Underground


With its bunker feel and electronic music beating through the walls, Basis takes the underground scene in Utrecht to a whole new level.

The club made its debut in 2015, settling inside what was once a harbor cellar in Binnenstad, the center of Utrecht. The exposed brick-walled building was home to Club Lux, too, before becoming Basis in all its glory.

Basis went for a full-on grungy and industrial vibe, using concrete and steel materials, leather furnishing, and wire mesh doors to achieve that effect.

The club is part and parcel of famous festivals in Utrecht, like Smeerboel Festival and By the Creek. Basis went back to basics with electronic music; you’ll hear everything from deep to UK house and tech to disco house. An element of the nightclub’s ethos is supporting up-and-coming artists and hosting renowned talents like Luuk van Dijk.

A young local crowd is taken in by Basis’ allure, finding the freedom to dress comfortably and dance to their heart’s content.

Acing an underground ambiance and bringing local talents to eager crowds, Basis is not to be missed.

© @clubbasis / Instagram


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