Beach Club Pattaya

December 05, 2022
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party at Beach Club Pattaya
© @pattayabeachclub / Facebook

Pattaya, Thailand

Club / Outdoor only / S – 500-2k


Hip-Hop, Electronic


Pool, Live music


Beach Club is a tropical nightlife spot home to eclectic music and lively pool parties.

The club resides in the nightlife district of Na Kluea, north of the city, operating inside a contemporary building. It boasts a swimming pool, balconies, colorful lighting, chaise lounges, outdoor sofas, a sauna, and palm trees.

When it comes to music, Beach Club plays a mix of techno, hip-hop, house, trance, and Thai pop music. Guests of all ages and backgrounds frequent the club looking for wet and wild nights.

Thanks to its outdoor venue, poolside area, and vibrant lighting, Beach Club ensures its guests a tropical nightlife experience.

© Pattaya Joe / Youtube


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