Beachhouse 575 Virginia Beach

November 02, 2022
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party at Beachhouse 575 Virginia Beach
© @beachhouse757 / Instagram

Virginia Beach, USA

Bar / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500


Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop




As one of Virginia Beach’s R&B temples, Beachhouse 575 is a must for any hardcore R&B fan.

The Oceanfront club is in northeast Virginia Beach. Beachhouse 575 has a marble bar, a wall made up of colorful lamps, and graffiti of beach waves, hinting at its theme. No matter what your plans for the night are, don’t go as far as to ruffle the angel wings on its wall.

The nightclub is famous for its R&B nights; that said, you can expect to listen to all genres of music, anything from hip-hop to electronic. You know you’re in good hands with the likes of Izzy The DJ, on call.

The beach theme is strong, with swimsuit contests that reveal Virginia Beach’s tan lines. Beachhouse 575 prides itself on being an inclusive club, with patrons from all walks of life and celebrations of pride week.

Beachhouse 575 knows the way around your heart, with lively nights and tacos that will leave you wanting more.

© @beachhouse757 / Instagram


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