Ben Akiba Comedy Club & Bar Belgrade

June 16, 2022
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party at Ben Akiba Comedy Club & Bar Belgrade
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Belgrade, Serbia

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, R&B


Casual, VIP


Ben Akiba is your go-to entertainment spot in Belgrade that combines foot-tapping music and rip-roaring laughter. 

Established in 2014, Ben Akiba Comedy Club & Bar is a multi-functional venue that acts as a comedy club, dance and nightclub, and an art gallery. It is located in the most popular nightlife hotspot in the urban neighborhood of Savamala in north Belgrade, Serbia. 

Housed in what looks like a run-down, ramshackle building with peeling walls, the club cannot be easily spotted. And the vibe continues once you step inside, as the place dons an underground, rugged look with its unpainted exposed brick walls. 

Famed for being the first standup comedy club in Serbia, Ben Akiba Comedy Club & Bar operates a comedy club and bar. It turns into a nightclub that exhibits top-notch DJs running crowd-pleasing dance-music nights.

With the place divided into two levels, DJs give customers a memorable night with techno and house music on its top floor, and mainstream music on its ground floor.

Being a multi-faceted venue, the club draws an equally varied crowd that is ready to let their hair down for a night of music and dancing after all the laughing and heavy dose of art.

Ben Akiba is your usual nightclub having the added superpower of making you laugh, doubling the way you can destress your weekly worries away. It’s no surprise at all that this beloved versatile club is one of the top attractions of not just Belgrade’s but the country’s nightlife scene. 

Welcome to Ben Akiba | © Ben Akiba Beograd / YouTube


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