Best Instagrammable Spots in Berlin

January 20, 2023
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Berlin has no shortage of instagrammable spots to take an epic picture on your big night out. From Berghain’s iconic entrance to Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery murals, these are the top night spots worth a snap.

Here’s your essential guide to the best instagrammable spots in Berlin.

Berghain’s iconic entrance

Berghain’s iconic entrance
© @themusika / Instagram

A trip to Berlin isn’t complete without getting into Berghain – or at least, trying to get in. The highly exclusive nightclub has gained an infamous reputation for its selective door policy and wild parties.

Whether you end up discovering the hedonistic surprises that await on the other side of the door or get turned away by their famously-strict bouncers, at least you’ll have some Insta-worthy proof that you tried.

Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery mural
© @tsvitanagorobivska / Instagram

A visit to Berlin is never complete without snapping a picture of the iconic Berlin Wall, particularly the East Side Gallery which features open-air artworks on the banks of the Spree.

‘The Kiss’ painting pictured above is one of the most famous artworks and is a popular Instagrammable spot that celebrates the city’s history.

Madame Claude’s upside-down bar

Madame Claude’s upside-down bar
© @marco.hanusch / Instagram

If you’re looking to take a photo that’ll make people look twice, then Madame Claude is the place to go. This unique upside down bar is located in a former brothel and showcases an entire living room, including chairs, tables and sofas planted on the ceiling.

You’ll not only capture an Insta-worthy picture in this strange and quirky venue, but you’re bound to enjoy one of its regular live gigs and performances while you’re at it. 

Monkey Bar’s stunning city skyline

Monkey Bar’s stunning city skyline
© @georgiaonyrmind / Instagram

Next on our list of Instagrammable places in Berlin is this captivating panoramic view from Monkey Bar rooftop. Watch as Berlin’s skyline lights up from your perch in the 25hours Bikini Hotel and enjoy the rooftop bar’s delicious selection of signature drinks in a fun and funky atmosphere.

Street view of the TV Tower

Street view of the TV Tower Berlin
© @drewferaios / Instagram

This Instagrammable spot in Berlin features the famous TV Tower, which stands sky-high with its peak reaching 368 meters high. While the view from the revolving restaurant and 360 bar is stellar, the street view of the tower makes it an iconic backdrop for your Insta-worthy snapshots.

Liberate’s opulent interior

Liberate berlin opulent interior
© @theliberateberlin / Instagram

Entering The Liberate transports you to a world of 1920s glam. The award-winning interior features luxurious decor, with velvet and plush furnishings, hanging crystal chandeliers and three large bar counters with all the signature cocktails your heart desires.

If there was ever an elegant Instagrammable bar in Berlin, the Liberate is definitely it. 

Brandenburg Gate at night

Brandenburg Gate at night
© @passionefotografiabergamo / Instagram

One of the most significant sights is Brandenburg Gate, especially when night falls and the entire monument lights up.

The icon is the city’s only surviving historical city gate, and has become a symbol for the reunification of Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. If you’re looking for an Instagrammable spot that’s also a remarkable piece of history, then pay this monument a visit. 

Club Der Visionaere’s river views

Club Der Visionaere’s river view
© @club_der_visionaere / Instagram

Club der Visionaere is the riverside spot with a wooden terrace and the best electronic sounds. This alternative spot sits by the Flutgraben canal, and showcases a stunning view of the river at night.

On your way to Club der Visionaere, make sure you stop to snap an Insta-worthy photo from the bridge, showcasing vibrant lights reflecting on the river. 

YAAM Berlin

YAAM Berlin
© @irmakerdemli / Instagram

YAAM is a unique and rustic park offering an authentic Caribbean experience on the banks of the Spree River. With club nights, food stalls, live gigs, and all sorts of events, YAAM is the city’s multi-purpose culture hub.

If you’re looking for an urban spot with street art and unique murals, this is the ideal Instagrammable Berlin spot. 

The Berlin Cathedral up in lights

Berlin Cathedral up in lights
© @philippitus / Instagram

This magnificent 19th-century cathedral sits by the Spree River. While the building’s architecture is beautiful during the day, it is even more exquisite at night.

If you stand by the Karl-Liebknecht-Brücke, you’ll be able to capture an Insta-worthy shot of the Berlin Cathedral up in lights, reflecting over the flowing river.

LED lights inside Watergate

LED lights inside Watergate
© / Instagram

While it might be tough to take a picture inside Watergate without getting caught, the one-of-a-kind LED ceiling lights above their dance floor definitely make a striking Instagrammable post.

Next time you pay a visit to the German capital, make sure you document your entire trip with the coolest shots at these instagrammable spots in Berlin.


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