Best Parties in Berlin

January 20, 2023
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Berlin is known for its memorable parties. From 808 to Ava Club, a fun night out is always guaranteed in these clubbing venues.

Here’s your essential guide to the best parties in Berlin.

The coolest urban parties at 808

party at 808 Berlin
© @808berlin / Facebook

808 Berlin is home to all things hip-hop and R&B and is the coolest place to experience live singing and rap performances on the regular. 

Think wooden furnishing, subdued lighting and a fishing tank – because that’s what 808 is all about.

Naturally, fans of hip hop and R&B love partying at 808.

Luxuriously wild nights at Maxxim

party at Maxxim Berlin
© @MaxximClubBerlin / Facebook

Twerk the night away in Berlin’s infamous Maxxim club.

Featuring a sleek design and the hottest R&B and hip-hop tunes, Maxxim is all about delivering unforgettable nightlife experiences – whether it’s through dancing or indulging in the cocktail menu.

As soon as you step inside, you’ll realise Maxxim’s party vibe is contagious. It is one of Berlin’s best high-end clubs, so expect an elite clientele to be part of the crowd.

Untamed hedonistic parties at KitKat Club

party at Kit Kat Club Berlin
© @symbiotikkabackup / Instagram

If there’s one thing Berlin does right, it’s establishing the ideal venues for the most untamed partying experiences. KitKat Club is one of the city’s most popular spots, known for its hedonistic and sexually uninhibited parties. 

The best part about the club is its pool. Inside. The. Club. If that doesn’t instantly make you want to pay a visit to KitKat, we don’t know what will.

Both international and local people flock on the club’s dance floor to experience what KitKat club has to offer.

Fun and quirky shows at Shwuz

party at Shwuz Berlin
© @schwuz  / Facebook

This party house is an iconic part of Berlin’s queer history, and has been at the forefront of the city’s LGBT+ party scene for decades. Live performances, drag shows, throwback tunes, and a welcoming atmosphere make Shwuz a beloved nightclub.

The crowds are made of queer people and their allies – it is all about being pro-LGBT+ here.

Nonstop parties at Watergate

party at Watergate Berlin
© / Facebook

At the internationally-renowned Watergate, the party never stops. 24-hour parties are a common occurrence at this famed techno club. Sometimes they even extend across days at a time with its multi-storey venue.

Both local and international electronic aficionados are the ones bumping on Watergate’s dance floor every weekend.

Superior electronic parties at Ritter Butzke

party at Ritter Butzke Berlin
© @ritterbutzkeberlin / Facebook

This electronic clubbing spot was first established as an illegal club, and then transformed into one of the most popular house and techno clubs around. Ritter Butzke is known for its stellar parties hosted by big-name DJs. 

It has garnered an international reputation, so everyone who wants to have a taste of Berlin’s electronic scene will pass Ritter Butzke’s doors.

Riverside parties at Club der Visionaere

Party at Club der Visionaere
© @ClubderVisionaere / Facebook

Club der Visionaere is a riverside bar and nightclub which sports a beautiful wooden deck right onto the Spree River. That pretty much makes it the perfect spot for riverside parties all day and all night. 

Featuring electronic beats, this venue is frequented by the chill electronic aficionados. We say chill because compared to Watergate, Club der Visionaere has more of a laid-back vibe.

Intimate sessions at AVA Club

party at Ava Club Berlin
© @Avaclubberlin / Facebook

AVA Club is a buzzing party venue with a welcoming atmosphere. It spans across a small space, making electronic clubbing sessions more intimate.

Expect to hear techno as well as a medley of different genres at casual nightclub. Sometimes there are tourists here, too – but a big chunk of the crowd is made of Berliners.


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