Best Clubs in Granada

March 10, 2023
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Granada nightlife scene offers selected clubbing experiences with its best-rated clubs.

These nightclubs are the perfect choice for those hunting the most reputable clubbing venues. From Planta Baja to Sala La Biblioteca, these are the places for a stellar night out.

Here’s your essential guide to the best clubs in Granada.

Planta Baja

party at Planta Baja
© @ salaplantabaja / Facebook

Taberna JJ

party at Taberna JJ
© @TabernaJJ / Facebook


party at Efecto
© @EfectoGranada / Facebook

Tic Tac

party at Tic Tac
© @tictac.granada / Facebook

Azotea de Paripe

party at Azotea de Paripe
© @azoteadeparipe / Facebook


party at Eclipse
© Eclipse Pub Granada / Youtube


party at Boogaclub
© @boogaclub / Instagram

Six Colours

party at Six Colours
© @armandosixcolours.granada / Facebook


party at Instante
© @instantegranada / Facebook


party at Ganivet
© @pubganivet / Facebook


party at Aliatar
© @salaaliatargranada / Facebook

Pub Tantra

party at Pub Tantra
© @TantraGranada / Facebook

Mae West

party at Mae West
© @MaeWestGranadaOfficialPage / Facebook

New Chicago

party at New Chicago
© @chicagogranada / Facebook

RocknRolla Underground

party at RocknRolla Underground
© @rocknrollagranada / Facebook

La Xula de Paripe

party at La Xula de Paripe
© @laxulaladeparipe / Facebook

Sala Colon

party at Sala Colon
© @salacolongranada / Facebook

Moon Back The Club

party at Moon Back The Club
© @moonback_theclub / Instagram


party at Backstage
© @backstagegranada / Facebook

Sala La Biblioteca

party at Sala La Biblioteca
© @sala_labiblioteca / Instagram


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