Best Instagrammable Spots in Lisbon

February 27, 2023
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Lisbon has no shortage of Instagrammable spots to take an epic picture on your big night out. From Pink Street’s vibrant colors to Miradoura de Santa Luzia’s tropical backdrop, these are the top night spots worth a snap.

Here’s your essential guide to the best Instagrammable spots in Lisbon.

Get that tropical backdrop at Miradoura de Santa Luzia

© @claraserralopes / Instagram

Miradouro de Santa Luzia’s terrace offers rapturous views of the River Tagus and Lisbon’s skyline. With beautifully painted tiles and a romantic vibe, the scenic spot is bound to give you the ‘it’ background for your next Insta-worthy snap.

No matter which angle you pick, Lisbon’s quaint houses and red roof tiles will be part of the picture.

For a girly Instagram feed, head to Pink Street

© @tojamala / Instagram

In a dramatic refurb, Rua Nova got a Barbie pink street to emphasize its revival as one of the city’s most buzzing hubs. Flashy and quirky, this Lisbon Instagrammable spot adds awe-inspiring visuals through the slew of colorful umbrellas.

Strike a pose in the well-lit Praça do Comércio

© @jc_grafia_street / Instagram

We all love to take pictures at night – but we all know that lighting is a bitch when the sun goes down. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for Praça do Comércio, one of Lisbon’s brightest squares.

At night, the plaza’s triumphal arches are beautifully lit, making this hidden gem a coveted Insta-worthy spot.

Be Insta-worthy next to Santa Justa Lift

© @photo_pedro_garcia / Instagram

This Lisbon Instagrammable spot gives you more angle possibilities than your camera roll can hold. 

An elevator that has been operating for more than a century, Santa Justa Lift features a terrace on the top that dishes out sweeping views – but its illuminated gothic structure is not to be sniffed at either.

One, two, three, pose next to the yellow tram

© @ctalycat / Instagram

One of the city’s most iconic symbols, the mustard-yellow trams are not your average public transportation. Most of those antique vehicles features graffiti art and burst with traditional charm, making them one sought-after Instagrammable spots. 

Be quick with your snaps tho – those trams are always moving through Lisbon’s street maze. 


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