Best Parties in Lisbon

February 25, 2023
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Lisbon is known for its memorable parties. From MusicBox to K Urban, a fun night out is always guaranteed in these clubbing venues.

Here’s your essential guide to the best parties in Lisbon.

Party until the morning at MusicBox


Both cavernous and underground, MusicBox is the magical place where clubbers can connect with the music hero behind the decks. Featuring an intimate setting and electronic (and sometimes rock) beats, this party destination doesn’t turn on the light until the wee hours of the morning.

Unleash your techno persona at Lux Frágil


Dubbed as the place to be for electronic beats, Lux Fragil redefined the city’s rave culture. The Lisbon hub brings some roaring DJ names for its interrupted parties, ensuring that its unique selling point will forever stand in the enviable line-ups.

Party by the river at K Urban

© @Urban.Beach.K / Facebook

When the summer nights heat up, K Urban Beach’s parties are the place to be.

Welcoming revelers with a soft spot for upscale-meets-casual clubbing, the riverside club is all about being stylish. Besides its electronic and pop tunes, K Urban also features a spacious pool, lush garden and wooden pergola.

Liberating clubbing sessions at Trumps

© @TrumpsLisboa / Facebook

Billed as Lisbon’s best LGBT+ club, Trumps knows how to throw the parties you’ll want to tell your friends about. 

With over four decades of party planning, the queer temple shows clubbers that simplicity is the key to unforgettable celebrations. While commercial songs are part of the picture, Trumps attracts party animals with its raunchy shows.

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane at Plateau

© @CirqueLeSoirLondon / Facebook

Thirsty for the kind of tunes that will never get old? Plateau is happy to comply with those music preferences. 

The intimate party destination is one of Lisbon’s oldest nightlife institutions, featuring Buddhist-inspired decor and a vibrant atmosphere. Plateau has an international appeal to it – it might be because of its crowd-pleasing playlists.


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