Best Things to Do in Lisbon

February 27, 2023
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There’s no shortage of things to do when in Lisbon. 

From embarking on a pub crawl journey to enjoying a chill night at an open-air cinema, these are the must-try nightlife activities you have to experience.

Here’s your essential guide to the best things to do when the sun goes down in Lisbon.

Spend your night on a sailboat

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While Lisbon’s land is vibrant and worthwhile, sailing the Tagus River is even better. 

There are many boat tours to choose from, depending on what you want from your sailing experience – be it a private boat party or a romantic journey for tours. Besides the sunset views and landmarks tour, some boats come equipped with showers and beds. 

When the boat crew decides to call it off a day, the party doesn’t have to stop. Instead, they will anchor the sailboat at the dock and let the river’s waters carry your sleep.

Enjoy a film night in the open air with Black Cat Cinema

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Pushing the boundaries of cinema experiences, Black Cat Cinema immerses you in award-winning movies under the stars. 

With a “we believe that films should be shared” mantra, the open-air cinema is one of the best things you can do in Lisbon. If you are looking for nightlife experiences that don’t imply a dreadful hangover, Black Cat Cinema has plenty of freshly-popped popcorn and booze-free drinks. 

The off-beat cinema creates the ultimate movie session by bringing in alternative classics and fan favorites. Every film that would make your jaw drop found shelter on Black Cat Cinema’s screen.

Hop on the Lisbon’s iconic yellow tram

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Serving as both a public transport and a coveted tourist attraction, Lisbon’s yellow trams are a cultural symbol for the Portuguese city. 

Vintage, quaint and traditional, those century-old vehicles are one of the most Instagrammable places in Lisbon. But forget about its photogenic appeal because the iconic yellow tram is a budget-friendly way of exploring the city’s landscape after the sun goes down. 

Featuring a plethora of routes to choose from, the electric vehicles are a tourist magnet – it might be because of its cultural status or the fact that it saves your ass from hiking Lisbon’s steep streets.

Grab a late-night bite at Mercado da Ribeira

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As Lisbon’s most famous food market, Mercado da Ribeira hosts a wide array of stands where renowned Portuguese chefs put their skill, magic, and passion for food into finger-licking dishes. 

From the latest spice trends to all-time classics, the late-night food market is one of the best things to do in Lisbon when you are both an owl and a foodie. Think pasta bars, Asian food labs, and cod cakes because that’s what Mercado da Ribeira is about. 

After you finish your plate, you can continue the gastronomical adventure with the food market’s cooking courses. 

Go on a pub crawl in Bairro Alto


Did you even go to Lisbon if you didn’t do at least one pub crawl? The vibrant Bairro Alto is a good starting point for the nights you will not remember but will never forget. 

As a hotspot that houses more bars than your liver can handle, Bairro Alto shines a light on Lisbon’s specialty – invention. From the stylish Le Baron to the indie 49 da ZDB, the area has no shortage of places to kick off your pre-drinking session. 

You are the CEO of the night, so you can either draw your own itinerary or place this responsibility on a pub crawl operator’s shoulders.


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