Black Diamond Bordeaux

February 15, 2023
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party at Black Diamond Bordeaux
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Bordeaux, France

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Electronic, Pop


Upscale, VIP, International


Black Diamond is the ultimate nightlife destination in Bordeaux, as it dons upscale vibes in a minimalist manner.

Open since 2010, Black Diamond resides in the heart of the city, in the basement of the five-star Intercontinental Grand Hotel. The Downtown Bordeaux area is a hub for architectural marvels and historical landmarks, luring tourists and locals like a magnet.

Intimate and seductive, the club spans two rooms, with an interior giving off a sultry feel with padded black walls and neon signs. Purple banquettes and mirrors add a swanky and spacious touch to the venue.

Black Diamond’s music caters to diverse partiers as it bounces from one genre to another – from electronic to commercial and soul beats, you’ll be stuck on the dance floor. Since the club is an exclusive nightlife hub, its clientele reflects the aura of the place.

Party-goers show off their latest designer grabs while lounging in the nightclub’s cigar lounge.

Black Diamond provides a luxurious French affair with its iconic location, casual-meets-fancy ambiance, and top-notch VIP treatment.

© @BlackDiamond_Bordeaux / Instagram


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