Bleu Club Detroit

November 28, 2022
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party at Bleu Club Detroit
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Detroit, United States

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Hip-Hop, Latin


Upscale, VIP, Live music


With a broad selection of music and an international flair, the stylish Bleu knows how to give the type of night you’ll tell your grandchildren about.

Bleu has been providing unrivaled party sensations for late-night revelers since 2001. It is a few steps from the historic five-acre Grand Circus Park in Downtown Detroit, the city’s center. With the color blue dominating every corner, the club has murals and lighting systems that go hand in hand with its name.

The club houses a second-story VIP section overlooking the sizable dance floor. Bleu is seductively adorned with sleek white fabric and comfortable couches.

Bleu is at the vanguard of electronic music, with live acts and themed events blasting hip-hop beats, eclectic Latin tunes, and ‘90s favorites on different occasions. Nights at the club are the stuff of fantasies, with performers like Victor Calderone and Paul Van Dyk doing their magic.

The club attracts a young and wild audience rushing to the dance floor until sunrise. So dress up – or down – and get ready for the party.

Bleu has earned its reputation thanks to its sexy, intoxicating ambiance, massive disco ball suspended overhead, top-tier EAW Avalon audio system, and cutting-edge lighting equipment.

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