The Best of Bogota Nightlife

May 31, 2023
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Bogota’s nightlife is where the rhythm of cumbia and reggaeton intertwines with gastronomic delights. 

Starting with Astoria’s lip-smacking cocktails and ending with Chicharrones at Andrés Carne de Res, this is how you can experience an amazing night out.

Here’s your essential guide to Bogota nightlife.

Take in the panoramic vistas from Astoria Rooftop

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Fifteen floors above it all, Astoria is where cloud-tickling views meet Bogata’s skyline. From the Cathedral of Bogota’s spires to the pulsating arteries of the city’s concrete jungle, its Insta-worthy vistas are a sight to behold.

Featuring a swanky first-class interior reminiscent of New York lounges, Astoria combines indigenous heritage with a modern flair.

The furniture, a mix of sleek wood and richly upholstered velvet pieces, nods to traditional Colombian aesthetics while firmly stepping into the trendy territory. 

But that’s not to say the high-kicking venue places all of its bets on decor – on the contrary. Drawing inspiration from local food culture, the rooftop serves gourmet bites like empanadas and timeless boozy drinks. 

A quick crowd scan will reveal a diverse, cocktail-loving crowd of business folks, young professionals, and hipsters.

For the ‘it’ Instagram background, head to Chorro de Quevedo’s Umbrella Street

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Less of a street and more of #GrammableGalaxy, Chorro de Quevedo’s Umbrella Street is a hidden gem in Bogota’s nightlife. 

As you stroll down the street, you’ll be greeted by a pastiche of vibrantly painted buildings – but the sky above gives the place an Insta-famous allure. With a canopy of umbrellas against a backdrop of twilight hues, Umbrella Street feels like finding the perfect filter.

Sway your hips and embrace the spicy salsa beats at El Panteón de La Salsa

© @elpanteondelasalsa / Facebook

The salsa craze is not just a trend but the music movement that Bogota lives and breathes for. Naturally, doing some Salsa steps in the Colombian city is akin to eating fish and chips in London. 

At El Panteon De la salsa, this ethos is celebrated in all its glory. As one of Bogota’s most coveted salsa temples, the dancing hub caters to everybody from the carefree youth to seasoned veterans. 

Within its intimate dance floor, El Panteon De la Salsa is where strangers become partners, and the music genre’s hypnotic sway unites everyone.

Discover the vibrant Zona Rosa

© Stephen Downes  / Flickr

Tucked away in the Chapinero borough, Zona Rosa is unapologetically upscale and always ready to bring in the best beats. Originally a residential quarter for Bogota’s elite, the nightlife hotspot morphed into an emblem of revelry, culture, and commerce. 

Over the decades, the nocturnal playground has been reinventing itself to keep up with the trends while retaining its original appeal.

Colonial architecture seamlessly blends with contemporary edifices, while brick lanes converge into graffiti-soaked boulevards. 

Between boozy sips and rhythmic beats, Zona Rosa showcases a diverse nightlife palate. Club Octava is an underground music paradise for techno aficionados, while El Fabuloso provides panoramic views and vintage vinyl music. 

Beyond clubbing and bar destinations, the area brims with charming boutiques, art galleries, and open-air markets, feeding the city’s creative spirit.

Dive into Bogota’s mixology with the Daiquiriando con Lulo cocktail at Huerta

© @huertabarbog / Instagram

Basking in the citrus sunshine, Daiquiriando con Lulo is the beguiling belle of the cocktail ball. A concoction of aged rum, lulo elixir, and fresh lime, the alcohol-fueled libation balances smoky undertones with a zesty tang. 

The only place to sip on the bold cocktail is Huerta, a watering hole that lives up to its name. Translating to ‘kitchen garden,’ the cocktail bar is a verdant oasis where exotic flora reigns supreme. 

No matter the day or time, the tropical haven attracts international tourists and jet-setters with its cocktail craftsmanship. 

Through its passion for liquid gastronomy, Huerta transforms traditional drinks into Colombian interpretations, such as the gin-based Apiotica and the exotic Somos Unidos. 

Rave the night away at Octava

© @cluboctava / Facebook

Thumping. Pulsating. Riveting. There are just a few of the words that come to mind when partying at Octava. Dubbed Bogota’s nightlife temple for all things electronic, the nightclub translates into a soundscape of house and techno beats.

Somewhere between edgy and vibrant, Octava is a psychedelic feast for your senses – the eye-catching visuals and highly-skilled DJs might be responsible for that.

Munch on some chicharrón at Andrés Carne de Res 

© @andres_c_de_res / Instagram

An unsung hero of Colombian cuisine, chicharrones are the culinary equivalent of a late-night text from an ex – unexpected and oh-so-satisfying. 

Originating from Spain, the meaty drunk food has woven itself into the fabric of many Latin American cultures. For Colombians, chicharrones are made from pork belly or rinds, marinated in a blend of spices, and deep-fried until they become crunchy and tender. 

One must visit a skilled maker to understand the dish’s magic. In that case, Andrés Carne de Res, the legendary Colombian eatery renowned for its chicharrones, is the place to be. 

When it comes to food, Andrés Carne de Res is a gastronomic playground. From its signature chicharrones to its mouth-watering arepas and succulent steaks, each dish is a testament to the richness of Colombian cuisine.


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