Bounce Club Marseille

July 06, 2023
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party at Bounce Club Marseille
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Marseille, France

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Hip-Hop, R&B


Students, Local, Live music


Get ready for a rhythmic thrill ride at Bounce Club, Marseille’s sun-drenched epicenter of hip-hop magic.

When the nightlife venue landed on Marseille’s clubbing map in 2013, it picked the city’s port as its forever home. Held in the loving embrace of Marseille’s Old Port area, Bounce Club isn’t just another nightspot; it’s a radiant jewel in a lively diadem.

The area, with its grand marina adorned with sleek yachts and surrounded by a collection of charming waterfront cafes and gourmet seafood joints, provides the perfect backdrop.

Venture into the Marseille club’s realm and find yourself within an architectural spectacle. Resembling a rhythmic cavern, the party hub boasts arched walls and domed ceilings, all hewn from stone.

The cavernous space echoes with music, its vast expanse dedicated to a dance floor where spotlight beams crisscross like visual melodies. Elevated platforms play host to daring dancers, while a luminescent bar promises a repertoire of thirst-quenching mixes.

Bounce Club is a sonic paradise where the air is thick with the intoxicating tunes of hip-hop, rap, trap, R&B, and dancehall. Here, both chart-toppers and timeless classics hit the airwaves, turning up the heat on the dance floor.

The crowd, a vibrant mélange of Marseille’s trendiest young adults, lends the club its pulsating energy, making it a diverse platform of styles, smiles, and swag.

When the summer stars align over Marseille, Bounce Club erupts into a swirling carnival of rhythm and revelry.

© @ bounce.mars / Facebook


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