Coração Sertanejo Sao Paulo

July 20, 2022
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party at Coração Sertanejo Sao Paulo
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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k




Live music


Want to get your disco mood on? Coração Sertanejo is just what the doctor ordered. Featuring lively parties and a dynamic vibe, this club is celebrated as one of Sao Paulo top tier nightlife spots.

Located in Interlagos, south of Sao Paulo, Coração Sertanejo is nestled between two reservoirs. This multi-level venue features a VIP area, a main dance floor, mezzanine levels, and a large stage fitted with state-of-the-art sound systems and lighting equipment.

Coração Sertanejo plays everything Latin, from samba, forró, pagode, to sertanejo. Boasting a rotation of stellar live music performances by popular Brazilian musicians, it’s no surprise that both local and international crowds frequent the venue.

With disco lights illuminating the stage and incredible Latin music getting you to groove to the beat, Coração Sertanejo should be next on your list if you want an outrageously wild night out.

© @coracaosertanejo / Instagram


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