Cabaretito Fusion Mexico City

July 26, 2022
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party at Cabaretito Fusion Mexico City
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Mexico City, Mexico

Bar / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop


LGBT / Students


When the clock strikes midnight, Cabaretito Fusion’s nightlife entertainment skills come to shine.

Cabaretito Fusion is an LGBT+ nightlife venue that’s part of the Cabaretito group, founded by David Rangel and Tito Vasconcelos. It is one of the most famous nightclubs in Zona Rosa in Juarez, west of the Mexico City historic center.

Cabaretito is located in the perfect setting as Zona Rosa is a socially vibrant area, known for its active nightlife and LGBT+ community. The club is divided into three areas, each featuring different atmospheres, themes, and music repertoires.

On the first floor, a spacious dance floor buzzes with party-goers. Take a seat on the second level with a boozy drink in hand, as this area is known for its chill and laid-back vibe.

This place brings a combination of drag, music, and entertainment to Mexico City’s nightlife. Music varies from electropop and reggaeton to live rock and karaoke. For students and young adults of the gay community, Cabaretito Fusion is one of the city’s go-to clubbing destinations. 

If you’re looking for an off-the-wall partying session that gives prominence to self-expression through gender, Cabaretito Fusion should be on your list. Drag queens, go-go dancers, and DJs put on killer shows. 

© @cabaretito.oficial / Instagram


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