Cafe Campus Montreal

July 08, 2022
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party at Cafe Campus Montreal
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Montreal, Canada

Club / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500


Rock, Electronic, Latin




Café Campus is the historic nightclub mecca for the young and vibrant student populace in Montreal.

Café Campus traces its origins dating back to 1967 at the campus of the University of Montreal. The club moved to its current location of Plateau Mont-Royal in eastern Montreal in 1993. Today, the club has expanded to a large scale – housing four bars on three floors.

With its rich history and tradition, the club is a stronghold of the youth of Montreal. Expect nothing but high-energy, vibrant girls and boys from the age of 18 to their early 20s grooving non-stop to a wide range of genres including EDM and blues to Latin music, along with live performances and a variety of entertaining shows. 

Dirt cheap prices, tireless dancing, and pumped up music await you at Café Campus. Head over with your friends and be prepared to make some noise to be a part of the crowd.

Café Campus | © CaféCampus Montréal / YouTube


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