Cakeshop Seoul

November 09, 2022
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party at Cakeshop Seoul
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Seoul, South Korea

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Electronic, Hip-Hop, R&B


Underground, International, LGBT


When it comes to underground music and celebrity clientele, Cakeshop is the place to go.

Cakeshop nightclub is in Itaewon-dong, central Seoul, an area known for its international cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and kebab shops catering to late-night crowds. The intimate main room is all-black and illuminated with red lighting.

The Seoul nightclub is known for its electronic hits, from underground techno to bumpy house beats. If you’re looking for experimental sounds on your night out, Cakeshop has hosted the likes of Eclair Fifi, The Glitch Mob, and Paper Diamond.

Although Cakeshop club is a massive fan of the electronic genre, it hosts stellar hip-hop sessions by famous South Korean rappers like ODEE and ZICO.

Cakeshop is a go-to spot for elite patrons and Seoul’s crème de la crème. A-listers like G-Dragon, Sandara Park, and Soo Joo Park have been spotted partying it up there.

The inclusive club hosts drag performances on event nights. Cakeshop club is open to everyone from local to international music enthusiasts to clubbers of all genders and sexual orientations.

With a vibrant, energetic atmosphere fueled by bumpy beats and afterparties, Cakeshop is the place for a sweet night out.

© @shadeseoul / Instagram


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