Cargo Club Antwerp

December 15, 2022
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party at Cargo Club Antwerp
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Antwerp, Belgium

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop


LGBT, Casual


Antwerp’s queer sensation, Cargo Club, is a spot you don’t want to miss.

In its past life, Cargo Club was called Red & Blue, a disco / bar that opened in 1993. In 1997, Red & Blue came out of the closet under new ownership, sticking with its name. After a little shaping, it wasn’t until 2017 that the LGBT+ nightclub finally became known as Cargo Club.

Cargo club, still known to some as Red & Blue, is in Schipperskwartier, south of Antwerp, the only area where sex work is allowed in the city. The nightclub has an industrial decor boasting brick walls, high ceilings, hanging cages for the dancers, and an LED wall.

Cargo Club witnessed its share of wild parties like PAPA PARTY, featuring Eliad Cohen, and La Troya, Ibiza’s legendary queer party, for over 30 years.

With artists like DJ Suri playing Latin and pop beats, Antwerp’s Cargo Club keeps its clubbers on the balls of their feet. The club is also famous for its local drag shows and go-go dancers, who will have you swooning.

Not only a gay haven, Cargo Club promises a good time to any clubber who walks through its doors, no matter their gender, sexuality, or background. If you want to go for a gender bender or a lazy, comfortable style, Cargo Club is here for it.

Cargo Club should be next on your list for its cozy, industrial ambiance and guaranteed groovy music.

© @redandblueantwerp / Instagram


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