Chez Pablo Marseille

July 06, 2023
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party at Chez Pablo Marseille
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Marseille, France

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Hip-Hop, Pop


Upscale, VIP, Local


Dive into the tantalizing allure of Chez Pablo, the undisputed sultan of sips and swings in the heart of Marseille.

Launched in 2018, the party hub is strategically located within the bustling arms of Marseille’s Old Port district. Known for its waterfront cafes, fish markets, and century-old structures, the western area epitomizes Marseille’s lively yacht marina.

At first glance, the club’s art deco façade is like the flirtatious wink of a seductive stranger. Black double doors adorned with a hypnotic eye design bid you a silent welcome.

Step inside, and you’re whisked into an enchanting noir universe illuminated by streaks of neon lights that dance on the walls and ceiling. The Marseille club’s interior, resplendent with art deco design elements, offers an intriguing mix of lavish luxury and comfortable charm.

Its décor is the epitome of chic, as trendy as a New York loft and as exotic as a Marrakech marketplace. The bar, a stage for mixology maestros, serves cocktails as intoxicating as the vibrant party vibes radiating from every corner.

Chez Pablo spins a musical roulette that’s as varied as the lively crowd it attracts, from pop to the foot-stomping energy of electronic music. Picture the crème de la crème of Marseille’s party scene, a medley of characters as vibrant and diverse as a Matisse painting.

To say Chez Pablo is a place for partying would be an understatement – it’s the glittering soul of Marseille, the mixer to your cocktail, and the rhythm to your dance.

© @chezpablo_dealerdebonheur / Instagram


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