Club Bellevue Zurich

July 06, 2022
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party at Club Bellevue Zurich
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Zurich, Switzerland

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XXS – 0-200




Live Music, Underground


Club Bellevue puts music front and center. No pretentiousness, no posing. 

The nightclub first launched back in 2012. Running for two decades, Club Bellevue prides itself in its variability. Situated in a basement, the club has a classic underground feel.

The Zürich nightlife hotspot is in the heart of the city in Bellevue, with close proximity to a tram and bus station. Bellevue is an idyllic neighborhood where you can find locals and non-locals admiring its beauty over Lake Zürich.

Club Bellevue has no interest in being predictable. Expect to hear a wide range of electronic music on weekends, and attend intimate live concerts throughout the week.

The Zürich nightclub is home to all. Forget the labels and prejudices, Club Bellevue invites people from all walks of life to revel in its freedom. Locals, tourists, and young and mature professionals – all can be found at Club Bellevue. 

Don’t you miss when it was just about the music? Club Bellevue is for those who appreciate carefully and beautifully curated sets.

© @bellevue / Facebook


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