Club TerMax Prague

July 06, 2022
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party at Club TerMax Prague
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Prague, Czech Republic

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Live music, Local, LGBT


TerMax is the ultimate nightlife destination for the LGBT+ community. It is rated as Prague’s biggest gay club. 

It’s located in the trendy residential neighborhood of Vinohrady in the center of the city. TerMax is a funky club with neon lighting in an ultra-modern interior, two dance bars, and a spacious dance floor.

TerMax elevates electronic music to new heights by providing LGBT+ music enthusiasts with an exhilarating atmosphere and inviting them to lose themselves on the dance floor to the most vibrant rhythms.

One of the biggest gay clubs in Prague, TerMax is a haunt for the LGBT+ community thanks to its enthusiastic vibes and refreshing range of drinks.

TerMAX Prague 16.09.17 | © GayEskortCZ AdultMedia / YouTube


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