Club Terminal 1 Sofia

May 15, 2023
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party at Club Terminal 1 Sofia
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Sofia, Bulgaria

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k


Pop, Rock


Live music, Alternative, Casual


Half laid-back bar, half high-spirited nightclub, Club Terminal 1 is a pro at throwing parties.

As part of Sofia’s clubland since 2014, the nightlife venue boasts an enviable location. Nestled in the city’s central area, Club Terminal 1 found its forever home in a two-story cream building surrounded by neoclassical buildings, live music venues, and unmissable landmarks.

Bold and cozy, the club spans two floors, translating into a 700-capacity space. While the heat is on the main floor, the mezzanine level gives clubbers a bird’s-eye view of the dancing bodies beneath them.

The first floor features sleek and modern designs, with a ceiling adorned with concave holes. A round bar takes center stage with a plethora of stools, inviting clubbers to gather, sip cocktails, and weave tales of revelry.

Prepare to embark on a sonic journey because Club Terminal 1 revives the nostalgic spirit with a retro extravaganza. From the swinging 60s to the rebellious beats of the 90s, expect a playlist that transports you through eras.

Young spirits seamlessly mesh with seasoned enthusiasts to create a vibrant and lively crowd.

With its permanently buzzing dance floor and unique playlists, it’s easy to see why Club Terminal 1 is a high-rated clubbing spot in Sofia.

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