Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen

February 14, 2023
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party at Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen
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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k




International, Alternative, Live music


Coco Bongo has built a reputation for being one of the craziest nightlife destinations in Playa del Carmen.

Founded in 2009 by Roberto Noble, the club took its name and concept from the iconic Hollywood film The Mask. Coco Bongo scored an enviable location, as the city’s lively eastside plays host to the extravagant club.

Dubbed Gonzalo Guerrero, the district has one of the most vibrant clubbing scenes in Mexico.

As soon as you lay eyes on it, Coco Bongo’s eccentric facade tells you that something special lies within. When guests ascend to the multi-level seating area, they get a full view of the club’s enormous stage, central bar, and dazzling LED backdrop screen.

A mix of Latin sounds, club anthems, and crowd-pleasing tunes are always part of Coco Bongo’s playlists. But the groovy mixes are far from being the only thing the club offers – on the contrary.

While the music is bound to get you up and moving, the nightclub puts on live performances that define contemporary culture – think themes like GOT, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles.

Tourists flock here from all corners of the globe to experience thrilling nights and spectacular shows – we totally get why. From stunning aerial acrobats to high-energy live bands, each evening at Coco Bongo promises something exciting.

Step into the unknown at Coco Bongo and be prepared to experience its breathtaking shows, invigorating parties, and dynamic music.

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