Coyote Fly Riga

July 20, 2022
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party at Coyote Fly Riga
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Riga, Latvia

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500




Pool, Upscale


Coyote Fly has been a holy grail for the nightlife scene in Riga.

Coyote Fly was founded in 2006 at Palasta Street 3. The club moved to a new location in 2011. It is now located in the white colored regal-looking, 18th century-built Vernisāža complex on Tērbatas Street 2. It is a commercial building housing various stores and cafes, in Centra Rajons, just a walking distance away from the University of Latvia, in south-central Riga.

Coyote Fly is a very lively club due to its colorful lighting, LED screens, confetti machines, and champagne bottle sparklers.

When it comes to music, most of the time the club features electronic music and live bands coupled with top-performing cabaret dancers. Coyote Fly also feels very youthful because the main demographics are students and young people below the age of 30.

This club is internationally recognized as it is regularly visited by stars such as Xzibit, Tony Hawk, The Dudesons, and many more. Just goes to show the elite status Coyote Fly enjoys in Riga’s nightlife.

JD Davis @ Coyote Fly Riga | © Coyote Fly / YouTube


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