Cuba Libre Nights DC Washington

August 30, 2022
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party at Cuba Libre Nights DC Washington
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Washington, USA

Club / Indoor Only / XXS – 0-200




Upscale, VIP, Live music


Cuba Libre Nights DC will take you back to Old Havana with its exquisite food and vibes.

The event space, established in 2010, finds home across from the City Center DC Mall in the Penn Quarter neighborhood of Downtown Washington.

Cuba Libre Nights DC captures the spirit of traditional Cuban architecture with one-of-a-kind woodwork, vintage designs, and exuberant colors reminiscent of the culture. The club is in a courtyard, enhanced with vibrant exotic flora and an accommodating dance floor.

Cuba Libre Nights DC hosts DJs spinning Latin dance music complete with mesmerizing light shows, special effects, and live acts. The club caters to fashionable party-hoppers who never seem to leave the dance floor.

Follow the beat of Latin music and mouthwatering scents of Cuban delicacies for unforgettable nights at Cuba Libre Nights DC.

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