DaVinci Sofia

February 16, 2023
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party at DaVinci Sofia
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Sofia, Bulgaria

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


R&B, Hip-Hop


International, Live music


Leonardo da Vinci might not have been a hip-hop music fan, but this Sofia club definitely is.

If you walk in Sofia Center, you will surely come across the nightlife temple. Nestled on the ground floor of a residential block, DaVinci features a branded, large entrance, ensuring that party animals can’t overlook it.

With a mezzanine level overlooking the intimate dance floor, DaVinci club displays a modern interior. Neon-lit signs, low ceilings and glass structures create a cozy yet vibrant party atmosphere.

If your playlist is dominated by hip-hop, DaVinci is calling your name. Blasting everything that would be labeled as urban sounds, the Sofia club puts hip-hop and R&B on a pedestal.

While the crowd at DaVinci club is young, fashionable, and energetic, partiers of all backgrounds and ages are welcome in the intimate venue.

DaVinci should be next on your list, thanks to its unique atmosphere and foot-tapping sounds.

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