De Viking Ghent

February 13, 2023
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party at De Viking Ghent
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Ghent, Belgium

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop


Upscale, International


Far from being your average night out, De Viking will keep you rolling on the balls of your feet in immersive euphoria.

The club opened in 2012, settling slightly to the south of Ghent’s Center City. Brimming with late-night eateries and alternative bars, the area fits revelers’ nightlife needs like a glove.

With its dark interior, leaf-covered walls, twinkling lights, and classic disco balls – all illuminated by a stunning black chandelier – De Viking is sure to dazzle.

Striking a balance between upscale and casual, the music temple creates a ritzy atmosphere without making party animals feel uptight.

Music diversity is part of the club’s ethos. The speakers blast everything that would be bumpy, focusing on pop hits and electronic beats.

With a never-too-old-to-party mantra at its core, the De Viking club welcomes people of all ages and demographics. Dress to the nines and get ready to groove.

De Viking will keep you coming back for more by showcasing laid-back luxury and upbeat music.

© @De.Viking.Gent.Official / Facebook


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