Deck22 Tijuana

May 16, 2023
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party at Deck22 Tijuana
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Tijuana, Mexico

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XXS – 0-200




Rooftop, Casual


An electronic temple from A to Z, Deck 22 houses some of Tijuana’s best beats.

Launched in 2019, the nightlife venue is nestled in the bustling Downtown Tijuana. The multi-story black building where Deck 22 club resides shares the same neighborhood with architectural gems, souvenir hubs, and a generous array of discos.

When embarking on a sonic journey at the Tijuana club, be prepared to feel immersed in a nature-meets-urban energy. Away from its tropical feel – thank you, wooden walls and tall plants – Deck 22’s rooftop is transformed with trippy lights during night.

Since every patron needs enough of a dance floor to groove, mingle, and drink, the nightclub offers plenty of space. Deck 22’s indoors translate into a sleek bar, scattered tables and stools, as well as striking black-and-white patterned pillars.

Talented DJs from far and wide converge in this hallowed space, ready to unleash pulsating techno beats.

This hidden gem is cherished not only by the locals as their ultimate party sanctuary but also by tourists who are lucky enough to know about it.

With its exotic assets and foot-tapping electronic playlists, Deck 22 is one for the books.

© @Deck22TJ / Facebook


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