Dirty Laundry Cairns

May 12, 2023
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party at Dirty Laundry Cairns
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Cairns, Australia

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500


Raggae, Electronic, Latin


Students, Casual


Powered by Gen Zers and uber quirky, Dirty Laundry is the ‘it’ partying spot in Cairns.

Since opening its doors in 2022, the party hub has been nestled on Cairns’ east coast. Sitting in a multi-story building on a cobblestone street, the nightlife venue shares the same neighborhood with a slew of hotels, international restaurants, and night markets.

You’ll know you’re at the entrance of Dirty Laundry because two rows of washing machines are used as displays for the club with a neon sign that says “The Laundromat that Never Sleeps.”

Loyal to its namesake, Dirty Laundry Cairns is where unconventional decor meets laundromats, igniting a playful atmosphere. While the bar integrates into the laundry vibe by showcasing black bathroom tiles, the walls illuminate the space with cheeky charm and neon-lit signs.

Elevated platforms with VIP seating dot the club, providing exclusive vantage points for the ultimate party experience. Above the dance floor, a grid light fixture casts a radian glow, encompassing the entire space.

Despite its rather intimate size, the Cairns nightclub packs a punch with its foot-tapping playlists. Imagine Latin sounds, electronic bangers, and afrobeats on the same dance floor, because that’s what the Dirty Laundry club is all about.

Whether you’re a local looking to connect with like-minded individuals or a curious traveler seeking something else from their night out, Dirty Laundry calls your name.

Experience a night out like no other at Dirty Laundry Cairns, where the themed decor adds a unique touch to the atmosphere.

© @dirtylaundrycairns / Instagram


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