Disco Chicago

July 07, 2022
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party at Disco Chicago
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Chicago, USA

Club / Indoor / XXS – 0-200


Pop, Electronic




Bring back disco, you said? Well, Disco already did that. 

Disco launched back in 2016 as an ode to the artistic influence disco clubs used to hold. The founder and creative director, Daniel Alonso, was heavily inspired by 1970s culture and fashion. Alonso wanted to harmonize the spirit of disco with the modern world’s take on clubbing.

The nightclub is situated in the ineffable River North neighborhood in East Chicago, which continues to stun the world with its creative hubs. Disco’s interior is a marvel in its own right. From disco balls to mirrored walls and an otherworldly LED installation, the club is reminiscent of the 70s through and through.

Disco plays disco, funk, and pop music every weekend. The music acts as a time machine ready to show you the glories of the past.

The club invites everyone to show up and get their groove on. Though the dress code is casual, its patrons sometimes prefer to play dress-up and embody the essence of the 70s. 

Disco is a spot not to be missed in the city’s nightlife. Imagine listening to remixed David Bowie on a Saturday night. How amazing would that be?

© @discochicago / Facebook


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