ELSE Berlin

June 13, 2023
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party at ELSE Berlin
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Berlin, Germany

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2




Live music, Casual


A summer-only affair but an unmissable party spot, ELSE is one of the city’s few open-air clubs.

Bold, vibrant, and always ready to bring in the best beats, the party hub saw daylight in the summer of 2013. Since then, the sun-kissed sibling of illustrious electro club Renate has been sitting on Spree’s riverside in southeast Berlin.

Perched at the bustling clubbing mile between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, the Berlin nightlife venue boasts an alternative location scattered with graffiti murals and indie shops.

A peek into ELSE paints a picture of calculated chaos, a mishmash of shabby chic and Berlin-esque grit. The decor, deliberately distressed, marries function with a gritty aesthetic. Although the club features many intimate spaces, the ultimate head-turner is the leafy patio, where the DJ and partying crowds unleash every summer.

Here, wooden planks find a new lease of life, serving as a dance floor and a sun deck that offers breathtaking views over the Spree. Multiple converted shipping containers decorate the open-air space by showcasing eye-catching colors and patterns.

The music at ELSE is the rhythmic lifeblood that fuels the party. With a focus on house and techno, the beats that pulse from the club are as diverse as the DJs spinning them.

It’s a place where the next big thing and the tried-and-tested icons come together, crafting a soundscape that oscillates between familiar and experimental.

Whether you’re a techno aficionado, an experimental music enthusiast, or someone dipping their toe into the electronic music scene, ELSE club is an open invitation for all.

In the end, ELSE is not just about the music, the drinks, or the dance – it’s about capturing those fleeting, brief moments of pure joy and connection.

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