Flamingo Club Zurich

July 06, 2022
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party at Flamingo Club Zurich
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Zurich, Switzerland

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Hip Hop, Raggae, R&B


Live Music, VIP


Flamingo Club is a melting pot in Zürich’s nightlife. 

The club is located on Limmatsrasse opposite the Museum of Design, in central Zürich. Flamingo Club is in a booming neighborhood with parks and train stations. There are many universities and schools around the area, making it a great location to meet new people.

Flamingo Club is in a residential building spread over two floors. There is an army of lounge areas and VIP banquettes where you can opt for a night of preferential treatment. 

The Zürich nightclub predominantly plays Latin music to cater to its diverse clientele. There are also R&B and hip-hop nights that are sure to keep you glued to the dance floor. Flamingo Club’s clientele is sultry, well-dressed, and of all ages. Make sure to look and feel your best at the Zürich nightclub.

You will not find yourself texting or leaning on the wall at the lively Zürich nightlife spot. Flamingo Club is where locals and non-locals head for a night of uninterrupted dancing.

© @flamingoclubzurich / Facebook


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