Florentine Gardens Los Angeles

July 01, 2022
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party at Florentine Gardens Los Angeles
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Los Angeles, USA

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronic


Upscale, Local


Florentine Gardens is an icon of the city’s nightlife scene, existing as one of the oldest running clubs in the City of Angels. 

Established in 1938 by restaurant owner Guido Braccini, this historic nightlife jewel is located in the heart of Hollywood, a famous neighborhood in central Los Angeles.

Initially serving Italian food alongside burlesque performances, dance numbers, and live music, Florentine Gardens hosted famous bands like The Mills Brothers, Sophie Tucker, The Ink Spots, and fan dancer Sally Rand.

Marylin Monroe and Jim Dougherty held their wedding reception at Florentine Gardens, cementing the legendary status of this nightclub. In 1979, new owner Kenneth MacKenzie purchased the building and hosted superstar acts such as Chuck Berry, X, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, and The Blasters.

Today, Florentine Gardens plays predominantly Latin beats mixed with hip-hop, electronic, pop, and dancehall. Boasting three large dance floors, the Latin rhythms brings in a Latino crowd, although everyone from all backgrounds has plenty of room to break it down.

From its humble beginnings to its iconic status, no other nightclub has helped define the Hollywood nightlife scene as Florentine Gardens – and that alone makes it worth the visit.

Florentine Hollywood 18&Over Los Angeles Dance Club | © Iggy Sparx / YouTube


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