Forum Club La Paz

February 16, 2023
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party at Forum Club La Paz
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La Paz, Bolivia

Club / Indoor only / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Pop, Latin


Upscale, VIP, Local


Hiding behind a modern facade, Forum Club is where everyone is dressed to impress.

Back in 2015, the vibrant party spot found a home inside a huge building located on the city’s south. Brimming with numerous plazas, Forum Club’s surroundings present the perfect place to do a pre-drinking session or a late-night drunk food session.

Spanning two levels, the upscale music temple houses a mezzanine level overlooking the spacious dance floor. A shining disco ball hangs over the ground level, keeping things eye candy and visually pleasing.

The DJ has its own special stage with festival-like features and a giant vertical screen.

Since it appeals to a local, Latin-loving community, you should brace yourself for a reggaeton music repertoire. While electronic beats and commercial mash-ups are sometimes thrown into the mix, the Forum Club puts upbeat Latin on a pedestal.

Drop it like it’s hot at Forum Club and immerse yourself in one of the city’s best upscale parties.

© @ForumLaPaz / Facebook


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