Fuse Brussels

June 17, 2022
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party at Fuse Brussels
© @fusebrussels / Facebook

Brussels, Belgium

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2K




Live Music, VIP


Fuse is where you go for a one-of-a-kind rave experience.

As the longest-running techno club in Brussels, Fuse opened its doors in 1994 and welcomed the local folk of Brussels. The venue is in the nightlife hub of Marollen, central Brussels.

This club has a very industrial vibe, thanks to the architecture of the building and the hazy lighting. Though it may have a gritty ambiance, the atmosphere, the music, and the people make it very vibrant.

Fuse is predominantly famous for all things techno, with artists like DC Salas, Downside, and Emily Jeanne coming together to entertain electronic music lovers. 

This Brussels nightclub is the perfect choice for party-goers looking for inexpensive options. But if you’re planning to splurge, take a peek at the club’s exclusive VIP services. There’s something for everyone in Fuse.

Fuse Opening Weekender | © Fuse Brussels / YouTube


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