Gazgolder Club Moscow

June 24, 2022
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party at Gazgolder Club Moscow
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Moscow, Russia

Club / Indoor & Outdoor/ XS – 200-500






As a creative association arts venue by day and a buzzing nightclub post sundown, Gazgolder Club is a unique space that is celebrated as one of Moscow’s nightlife top tiers.

Originally a gas plant called Arma, the venue transformed into a flashy nightclub in 2005. This iconic Russian club showcases some of the most prolific names in the hip-hop and rap music sphere. We can thank its owners Vasily Vakulenko, Evgeny Antimony, and Maxim Brylin, for Gazgolder’s existence.

Gazgolder is located in the Basmanny district in northeast Moscow. The area is known for its art galleries, neoclassical architecture, and edgy nightlife scene. 

While Gazholder is not loyal to a specific genre, featuring hip-hop, pop, electronic, and rock music, this Russian nightclub is madly in love with the hip-hop and rap scene. Russian rappers Gorilla Zippo, Smokey Mo, Scryptonite, and T-Fest, have performed there.

Gazholder’s arms are always open to anyone eager to experience an authentic Russian nightclubbing session. From local crowds to tourists, this Russian club attracts a younger crowd.

With a vibrant fusion of hip-hop beats and permanently buzzing vibes, there is nothing you wouldn’t love about Gazholder.

Innellea @ Gazgolder, Moscow, 05 Jun 2021 | © KirillWasHere / YouTube


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