Griffon’s Bar Porto

July 07, 2023
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party at Griffon’s Bar Porto
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Porto, Portugal

Club / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200


Rock, Pop


Live music, Casual, Local


Griffon’s Bar is your sanctuary if you are a dance floor veteran with an insatiable appetite for a boogie and a yen for nostalgia.

Rumour has it the bar-meets-club was one of the most coveted nightlife spots back in the 90s. Following its 2012 reopening, the party hub moved south of Porto’s center, in Miragaia.

Full of traditional buildings and typical Portuguese scenery, the cobblestoned neighborhood is considered one of the city’s most beautiful areas.

Griffon’s Bar has a coy allure, tucked away in a narrow alleyway amid towering residential buildings home to charming bars and restaurants.

Stepping into the Porto club is a sensory delight. The venue wears dual hats: a swanky gin bar and an intimate dance hall, separated by a long bar near the dance floor.

Its aesthetics ooze retro chic, from silver reflective walls that shimmer like polished mirrors to the cluster of disco balls winking from the high ceilings.

Griffon’s Bar basks in a medley of colorful lights and lasers, crafting a delightful ambiance that is sometimes embellished with whimsical elements like balloons and confetti.

As for the soundtrack of this delightful reverie, the DJ decks spin out an irresistible mix of 80s and 90s pop, alternative music, and a fair serving of retro rock. Themed nights, like a tribute to David Bowie, keep things interesting and dial up the fun.

Patrons here largely comprise the 40-plus club, a set of vibrant, energetic baby boomers who bring an infectious zest to the dance floor.

If you’re a disco fan, and your prime time was when bell-bottoms were in vogue, Griffon’s Bar should be your new favorite haunt.


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