Groove Gardens Malta

December 13, 2022
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party at Groove Gardens Malta
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Malta, Malta

Open air / Outdoor only / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop




Groove Gardens is where you can feast your ears on electronic music while enjoying the garden’s enchanting feel.

The club is part of the Gianpula Village, Malta’s largest clubbing destination bordering Rabat, on the island’s west. Before becoming the famous and beloved destination we know today, the complex used to be an old farmhouse renovated in 1980.

Having its own private entrance, Groove Gardens features a round mosaic bar, an accommodating dance floor, elevated VIP sections, and decorative vegetation, adding a tropical vibe.

The club is often decorated with different themes according to the night and music genre, so let your imagination run wild.

As the night sets in, the music gets loud with hip-hop, ‘80s music, electronic beats, and drum and bass, alongside live acts by the likes of Nicky Slim and Ryan Elliott.

The open-air club is a magnet for young, untamed party hoppers dressed in laid-back attire.

Get ready to enjoy Groove Gardens’ immersive experience with its eye-catching visuals, sprawling lights, and swirling theatrical fog.

© @classofmalta / Instagram


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